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IT Services

Characters - SAFETY FIRST

Why choose me?

I am a professional with passion who devotes every moment in my life to development in the direction of information technology.


Online Privacy

I provide professional consultancy in the field of online privacy. Always trying to use solutions at the highest world level.
Offers three levels of privacy:

  1. Low - best for company employees who do not want the boss to see every opened website.
  2. Medium - best for people who want to start avoiding the ubiquitous mega-corporation (like Google, Facebook) surveillance.
  3. High (associated with lifestyle changes) - best for activists.


Servers Administration

Not only do I deal with server administration, but I also believe that Linux, BSD, Redox OS or Collaps OS systems are the best choice for home and server computer. I always focus on the newest and safest solutions, skilfully operating these systems.

Padlock Open

Physical security tests

I do Internet of Things security tests such as RFID key locks, CCTV cameras and other similar things. Many times there are badly secured cameras or RFID locks, which can be controlled with the appropriate hardware and software.

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Computer security tests

When doing computer security tests, I always focus on accuracy and checking various possibilities. I am not only a professional security specialist but also an enthusiast who puts a lot of heart into it and devotes every free moment to it to develop. There is a possibility of both normal and penetration tests of infrastructure. In my work, I always use the latest and most effective solutions.