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About me

Passion as the path to success

I am not only an IT specialist but also passionate about IT.

Who I Am? My Mission My Vision
I am a computer specialist with a big passion who is developing professionally skills every day. It is providing professional IT services that will allow your company to focus on its main goal, forgetting about IT problems. My vision is to maximize the level of security in the company and help develop technologically so that your company uses the best possible solutions.

What About Me

I am an IT specialist for whom IT is a great passion and literally my whole life. Thanks to my interests I can carry out tasks on various topics.


Although I am mainly associated with unix-like operating systems, with privacy in the network, with computer security and hobby with programming in the style of FOSS, I often occupy myself occasionally with other IT fields. Sometimes it happens to create a simple website based on CMS, or to upload a new system to the phone. I am very passionate about new technologies such as new protocols and cryptocurrencies, which is why I am always contributing with this topic.

Online privacy
Security tests
Programming in Rust and Go

Few additional information

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I often take part in international IT competitions related to security. I also use websites to train skills. I try to be up to date reading the latest information from the world of security, online privacy, programming and new technologies in information technology. I love to broaden my knowledge of security. Every program I use is in line with the FLOSS ideology. I am also actively developing programming projects in the FLOSS ideology and managing project teams subject to me.
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At the same time, I don't forget about hardware, that's why I'm developing an automation project using Raspberry Pi. I also run OsmocomBB tests on the Calypso module. I don't use unix-like systems just to learn them. I use unix-like systems because I love them and many of them are compatible with my ideology. But every day I use only one unix-like system Qubes OS because it is the only one that meets my security standards. I have been addicted to new information technologies for a long time. I do not recognize outdated and inefficient technologies. I am a fan of the latest and best technologies. That's why I focus on it in every area of ​​my life.
Qubes OS
IT Passion

It is my strength


It is thanks to her that I develop in the field of IT every day. I love new technologies and that's why I am in favor of the popularization of cryptocurrencies. I read about them often and are interested in them at the same time as often as possible using them. I have changed the operating system on my phone many times, testing various modifications of the android. Currently waiting for the phone "Librem 5" which working on a PureOS linux system that will free me from android forever. I have repeatedly changed the operating system on my computer testing various linux and BSD distributions until I found my distribution with which I stayed for longer (Qubes OS). Every day I work only on this system and only this system I have on my computer. However, when it comes to servers, I prefer Alpine Linux also for security reasons. I think about security issues every time in every situation, that's why each of my devices has additional security and systems in line with my restrictive ideology. I also have firm ideologies about online privacy.


  • Unix-like systems support (including CentOS, Alpine Linux, Debian, FreeBSD)
  • Advanced help with IT equipment
  • Support in new technologies
Passion for security and privacy


Thanks to this passion, I spend a lot of time learning privacy techniques and the most secure solutions possible. In terms of privacy, I'm not limited to the "Tor" network. I know that privacy is not just an IP address. That is why I am interested in everything related to online identity, i.e. writing methods, user profiling, instant messengers, the operating system used and many other things. In addition to this online privacy, I'm also interested in privacy in the real world. When it comes to privacy, as well as security, I always choose the best global solutions. When testing security, I always try to use the latest solutions to make the tests as accurate as possible and test every thing with the help of various tools from systems such as Kali Linux and BlackArch. IT security interests me also in a broader sense. I am interested in everything related to security. Among other things, from operating systems and websites to the entire Internet of Things (IoT), i.e. cameras, RFID locks, motion sensors.


  • Advanced privacy techniques
  • Detailed security tests
  • Analysis of possible threats and computer forensics techniques