Website is under active development.


  1. Why isn't the website more beautiful?

    Everyone has a different idea of beauty. I tried to make the website beauty and clear according to my concept. If you have any suggestions send it to email.


  2. I found an bug on a your website.

    I tried to avoid them, but anyone can make a mistake.
    Send the information to the same email as above.
  3. Donations on the business website?

    You might think that donations on the professional business website an unprofessional, but if someone for some reason would like to give them to me, why would I make it difficult for them?
  4. Why don't you accept more cryptocurrencies?

    The list of supported cryptocurrencies includes cryptocurrencies with high popularity or in line with my ideology of privacy and anonymity.


    If you know of any other interesting cryptocurrency actively developed with interesting properties, you can send me a proposal to add it, but it must be listed on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap.
  5. Why don't you have email in your own domain?

    The reason is simple. My service provider blocks all its clients form SMTP connections, so I didn't see the sense in creating mail just to receive messages without being able to send them.
  6. Why are you giving a discount on cryptocurrency payments?

    The reason for this is the desire to promote cryptocurrencies and lower fees for sending them.
  7. Why do you not accept some cryptocurrencies in donations in which you accept payments for services?

    In the case of donations, I only accept non-interactive cryptocurrencies, while in the case of payment for services, I have no problem with accepting interactive cryptocurrencies (e.g. Beam).
  8. Why didn't you add the Beam cryptocurrency in donations, since it already supports offline transfers?

    Because this is quite a new feature and I want to wait until it will be more tested.
  9. Why do you recommend paid application the most? Do you have something from it?

    I don't even get CHF 0.01 from it and surely Threema doesn't even know I exist. I recommend this application because of its safety, privacy and ease of use for most users and no need to enter data such as e-mail or telephone number. In addition, the location of the servers and the source code of the application is good for security and privacy. The app itself is also quite stable.